Friday, May 18, 2018

Hydrogen on the ICE is one of the most exciting topics of vehicle owners and not only. Our company has developed electrolyzers capable of replacing the main fuel (gasoline, diesel) by 70-90%. In some cases, it is 100%. Working samples were successfully tested for 2 years. 
The results of the engine, units of the units, were in excellent condition, without damage. 
Increase of the motor resource of ICE by 2 times, Increase of the engine power up to 35%, Absence of deposit on the piston system.
Machines on which tests were carried out :
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SECURITY Our company has focused on the required capacity per second of a sufficient amount of gas from the water for the operation of ICE. The explosive gas does not accumulate and is not stored in cylinders. There are no volumes of gas accumulation. In the event of an accident or other damage and ignition, the explosion is excluded, since the system is filled with water and the exhausted gas immediately consumes the internal combustion engine of the car. Nothing to explode.
Installation additional. generators
Propane-methane with hydrogen
Excellent proven system of afterburning methane and propane. The propane savings range from 40 to 70%. 
In DVS, propane or methane is burned by only 63-64%, the remaining 33-34% is emitted into the exhaust manifold. 
Hydrogen is mixed with propane-methane during combustion causing propane to burn to 90-99% 
thereby increasing power and saving gas by at least 30-35%. 
Good Started on the mixture in -25 -27. Smooth work. 
Reduces the temperature of hydrogen burning. 
Propane-methane slows the ignition of hydrogen and oxygen. 
Hydrogen raises the octane number and raises the caloric content of propane or methane by 20-40%, depending on the amount of hydrogen.

The ecological exhaust also increases. CO2 emissions are reduced to a minimum, The smell of exhaust fumes. Our performance at the gas saving stand (PROPAN) and the reduction of CO2 emissions to 7-11%.
Propane is marked by Red. 
CO2 is marked with white 
CO marked in yellow.

OPTION 1. Savings of 50-70%. 
OPTION 2. Savings of 70-90%. 
OPTION 3. Savings of 90-100%.

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