Monday, November 5, 2012

Miks Noored Kooli nägude raamatus kustutab kommentaare?

Miks ta kustutas järgnevad lingid?:

Lapsed on vanemaist nutikamad.

1.Noored ehitasid õllepurkidest päikesepaneeli õhu kütmiseks: Lauri Leis, Madis Tisler, Margus Sammelsaar ja Ardi Teder

2.14 aastane neeger aafrika pärapõrgust võttis raamatukogust tuuliku õpetamise juhendi ja ehitas tuuliku: 
William Kamkwamba: How I built my family a windmill

Moving Windmills: The William Kamkwamba story

3. Lapsed USA-s ja mujal ehitavad endile elektrituulikuid:
Hi I am Beng Ngoun who is raising the Orphan children in Cambodia, I
am very exciting with your project and in my country where I am living
has no electricity to use at all.
And I would to invite you as the volunteer team to come to my country
to train the Orphan children how make the windgenerator as their skill
to make money in their communittee and they can earn their living
after they left the orphanage, please help these poor children too!
I am waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours in Christ.

Beng Ngoun,8552,1595002,00.html 

5. Lapsed ehitavad elektrilisi Formula ühtesi.
A small team of school kids and myself have built and raced an electric racing car. This is how we did it.​d/Building-an-electric-racing-​car/ 


Noor Olli ehitas elektritsikli

7.Noored muudavad tavaautosid elektriautodeks:
An Electric Starter Motor can be used for an Electric Go Kart:

Telesaated muudavad lapsed zombideks:

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