Saturday, October 29, 2016

520 lendavat taldrikut

Rail Baltika eelarve on 1,3 miljardit selle summa eest saab osta 520 lendavat taldrikut:
Also, the contract for two caracals and two wolverines was only $20 million? That's a lot of combined cargo capacity for very little money, compared to other, larger hybrid airships and conventional helicopters.
Brendan Sulisevvann What did you say? Did I understand correctly that for four solar ship they paid 20 million ?
All I know about pricing is that they have a contract for two large Wolverines and two small Caracals that totals $20 million for all four.
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Jerin McClung $20 million is relatively little as far as cargo capacity is concerned. You could buy a modern cargo helicopter such as the Mi-38 for $13 million, and it would carry only 13-15,000 pounds or less than 7,000 kilograms. Each Wolverine can carry five and a half tons at a minimum, with a maximum cargo capacity unstated, and obviously each Wolverine must cost less than $10 million.

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