Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pikkade naiste tunni palk 500 eurot!!!!

Külastasin Londonit ja tegin fotosessiooni 195 cm pikkuse rootslannaga.Poole tunni eest maksin 250 eurot.
Tal oli järjekord taga.Paar päeva tegi ta pilte ja kõik tunnid olid klientidega kaetud.

Usefull pages for Tall People - young and old!

Feet/inches to meter/centimeter converter (I always use it!)
Standing Tall (a page to support children who are bullied and teased) (English)
The Allure of Athena (an interesting and beautiful theory about common mans reaction towards very tall women!) (English)

The Netherlands

Uniform (cars, clothes, homes, furniture, travels for non-average people in the Netherlands) (Dutch)
Stichting Lange Mensen (practical and medical questions for tall people in the Netherlands) (Dutch)
Lange kinderen (good informative page for parents of tall children and tall youth in the Netherlands) (Dutch) (Shoppingtips for clothes and shoes in the Netherlands, a forum) (Dutch)
Arjans tallpages (How tall will I be?, Statistics and a "Smart Remark Survival-Guide") (Dutch and English)

Tall Clubs



Europatreffen 2004/ The European Tall Club Convention 2004 in Basel, Zwitserland (in German)
Austria (in German)
Chezc Republic (in Chezc)
Denmark (in Danish)Finland (in English and Finnish)
France (in French, small presentation in English

Germany Berlin (in German, small pres. in English) Bremen (in German) Dortmund (in German) Dresden (inGerman) Dò sseldorf (in German) Frankfurt/Main (in German) Hamburg (in English!) Hannover (in German, small presentation in English) Karlsruhe (in German) Köln (in German) Leipzig (in German) Mainz (in German, small pres. in English) Mannheim-Ludwigshafen (in German) Mò nchen (in German) Mò nster (in German) Oberlausitz (in German)
http://www.klm-stuttgart.deStuttgart (in German)
for more German clubs without a homepage look at:
Great Britain & Ireland (in Dutch)
Norway (in Norwegian)
Poland (in Polish)
Sweden King Size Club (in Swedish, English, German and Italian)
Zwitserland (in German)


The Tall Clubs International Annual Convention 2004 (in America)
Tall Club International for United States and Canada


Taiwan (in traditional chinese)
Australia (in English)



North America

The Tall Girl Shop Ltd (Clothes and shoes in Canada and USA) (English)


Long Tall Sally (shops in U.K and mailorder to the rest of the world!) (English)


Pages made for Tall Women by TW Admirers (for women with extra height) (English)
Joerg’s Website for Tall Women (a very informative page for everyone!) (English and German)


Tall Modelling

 Alana - 208cm/6’10 Free
The real amazon girl (Amazon Detri) - 193 cm/6’4 Free


Tall Women who are into "tall" business


Mikayla – 193cm/6’4
Tall Kat – 206cm/6’9
Tall Breeze – 193cm/6’4
Amazon Astrid – 197cm/6’5 ½ (some adult material)
Heather – 197cm/6’5 ½
Tall Beautiful Blythe – 196cm/6’5 (also adult material, domination, wrestling)
SkyTriss – 198cm/6’6 (adult material, domination, wrestling)
Goddess Severa – 196cm/6’5 (adult material, domination, wrestling)


Pages featuring Tall and Strong Women

Diana the Valkyrie - bodybuilding, photos, art and stories New
Kaikura (heightcomparisons between Tall women)
AmazonsArena (adult material, domination, wrestling)
Tall Girlz Free
Tall Women TV (videoclips, partly adult material)

Pages about Tall Women made by TW Admirers

 Hotrats hole (A page for other TW Admirers, some adult material) (English)

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